WN-1510HT 6" 10mm Double Impulse Automatic Sealer

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WN-1510HT 6" 10mm Double Impulse Automatic Sealer
Part Number: WN-1510HT
Discount Available 20% off repair kits when purchased with sealer. Repair kits are listed below.

WN-1510HT 6" 10mm Double Impulse Automatic Sealer


  • Great for sealing coffee bags!
  • Hand press operation
  • No warm-up time
  • Suited for sealing thicker materials
  • Built-in automatic release once seal cycle compete
  • Timer settings for both seal and congeal
  • All metal construction

WN-1510HT is a unique hand press automatic double impulse sealer geared for sealing thicker materials such as foil gusseted bags (i.e. coffee bags).  The WN-1510HT can seal materials up to 6” wide and 20mil total thickness producing a 10mm wide seal. Equipped with a built-in automatic release once the seal cycle is complete, this sealer will ensure a consistent seal every time.

Manufacturer’s replacement kit includes two heating elements.

Easy to Operate:  Set the sealing and congealing timer.  Insert material between the bars and press down to initiate the seal cycle.   Once the cycle is complete, the upper jaw will automatically release.

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