THS-400 16" 15mm Automatic Constant Heat Foot Sealer

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THS-400 16" 15mm Automatic Constant Heat Foot Sealer
Part Number: THS-400

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TEW THS-Series Direct Heat sealers seal many different types of thermoplastic materials including:  coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper, cellophane, polypropylene, poly-nylon, and other thicker materials.  This machine is ideal for coffee roasters.

The THS direct heat sealer can seal material up to 20mil in total thickness.  Unit is equipped with a thermostat that accurately controls the temperature from 0 degrees
F to 550 degrees F (0-300C).  Both jaws are heated simultaneously for better heat penetration to seal thicker materials.  The sealers include an adjustable worktable.  The pedestal stand is 26", but an optional 36" stand is available.

Different seal types are available including meshed or serrated or PTFE-coated meshed.