TACH-IT SH-404TR Label Dispenser

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TACH-IT SH-404TR Label Dispenser
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Our premium label dispenser, the Tach-It model SH-404TR, peels, releases, and advances all types of butt-cut and die-cut labels either opaque or transparent on rolls or fan-folded. Operation of this machine is simple; when an operator removes one label, the next one is automatically dispensed. Designed using optical-reader reliability, the Tach-It SH-404TR can feed all labels whether they are large or small, opaque or transparent, irregular shaped or round. Also there are no micro-switches to adjust, or hair triggers to break. Label changeover or adjustments for sizes require no tools and no operator training is necessary. State of the art components. Large roll capacity, high speed motor, heavy duty construction, and automatic liner re-winder are all features of this machine.

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