TACH-IT PDL Extra Label Roll Separators

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TACH-IT PDL Extra Label Roll Separators
Part Number: TACH-IT PDL
Tach-It PDL Series of Mechanical Label Dispensers are available in 5 different widths and can accommodate single or multiple rolls of labels.
The extra label roll separators sold on this page can be added to the PDL series of dispensers to add additional label rolls to the dispenser.

There is a minimum order amount for all Tach-It equipment. To satisfy that minimum, you would need to order 83 of these PDL label separators if ordered by themselves. However, they can be added to a PDL dispensers order or even other Tach-It brand equipment to meet the minimum order. Call us at 888-278-0.377 if you would like to mix-n-match to meet the minimum.

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