TACH-IT 3350A Wicketed Bag Opener with Adjustable Arms

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TACH-IT 3350A Wicketed Bag Opener with Adjustable Arms
Part Number: TACH-IT 3350A
Having unique, adjustable height product loading arms, the Tach-It Model #3350A is perfect for most bakery items, tortillas, produce, magazines, newspapers, confectionery, garments, and industrial parts and hardware. Easy to adjust by simply loosening the thumb screws located on the outside of the arms, the operator has the ability to change the arms for the exact height of whatever he or she is packing. The Model #3350A is made of all metal components with stainless steel top plates, arms, and loading platen and has adjustable air velocity.


  • Machine: Length – 26 inch, Width – 17 inch, Height – 13 1/2 inch
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Wicket Size: Industry standard non-perforated wicketed bags - 2 inch to 10 inch wide wicket
  • Bag Size Maximum: 12 inch wide x 32 inch long
  • Bag size Minimum: 2 inc wide x 2 inch long
  • Power: 110 volt (220 volt available)

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