SL-1 Manual Tape Cutter and Dispenser

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SL-1 Manual Tape Cutter and Dispenser
Part Number: SL-1
  • Manual definite length tape dispenser.
  • Perfect for retail, gift wrapping, photography and graphics arts, office, shipping room, assembly, wire harnessing, and many other applications.
  • Simply pull the handle and the desired length of tape is dispensed. To cut the tape, pull the tape up against the blade.
  • Works with most types of non-reinforced tapes up to 1 inch wide.
  • Can dispense up to 4 inches of tape per pull of the handle.
  • Uses tapes on a 1 inch or 3 inch core.
  • Easy to adjust for tape length using a thumb screw, no tools required.
  • Small table top design and weighted base.

This small, manual, bench top definite length tape dispenser accepts most tapes up to 1 inch wide with a maximum roll diameter of 5½ inch. A simple push on the smooth action lever will deliver up to 4 inch piece of tape. Longer lengths of tape can be achieved by multiple pushes of the lever. To change tape lengths, just loosen the thumb screw holding the lever, move the lever to the desired position, and retighten the thumb screw. Cutting of the tape is done as the operator removes the tape from the machine.