Pro-Cut KG-32 3HP Grinder with #32 Head

Pro-Cut KG-32 3HP Grinder with #32 Head

Your Price: $2,840.00
Part Number:KG-32
  • Electrical:220 volt, 60 hz., 3 phase, 3 HP (-MP is 1 phase)
  • Machine Size:21.5" x 47.5" x 25"
  • Machine Weight:260 Lbs.
  • Comes With:#32 Knife, 3/16" plate and stomper
  • Construction:Stainless Steel Cabinet and Tray
  • Safety & Sanitation:Conforms to NSF-8, UL std 763, CAN/CSA Std C22.2, NOM, CE
  • Feeding:Open bowl with safety guard for ease of feeding

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The Pro-Cut KG-32 Grinder has a 3 H.P. motor grinding through a #32 head. The KG-32 is 220 volt/60 Hz/3 phase. The KG-32-MP is also available as an option with 220 volt/60 Hz/1 phase. The gear transmission makes this an ideal grinder for on-demand, frequent applications such as butcher shops and supermarkets, food service (restaurants, hotels, hospitals, catering services, etc.),  hunters and other home users. The KG-32 series have high grinding capacity head design and a deep pan, leveling feet, a thermomagnetic contactor to protect the motor against overloads, a high grade stainless steel cabinet and tray and are easy to clean without tools.

Product Features

High grinding capacity (More than 1700 kg / 3,800 lb per hour in the first ground).
High grade stainless steel cabinet and tray.
3 or 5 HP motor.
Easy to clean without tools.
Expedites customer service.
High capacity head design and deep pan.
Thermomagnetic contactor protects the motor against overloads.
Leveling feet
Powerful gear transmission

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