Pink 3-Layer Anti-Static Cushion Zipper Pouches

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4 Sizes Available
Pink 3-Layer Anti-Static Cushion Zipper Pouches
Part Number: SZB883

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  • Advanced Slide-Rite closure system

  • Easy to open and close

  • More economical form of E.S.D. protection - eliminates the hazard of static damage to electronic components

  • Polycarbonate compatible, humidity independent, non-octanoic and is both non-corrosive and non-contaminating

  • Three layer Anti-Static Cushion Pouch: Pink Anti-Static poly, Pink Anti-Static bubble, and an inner layer of Pink Anti-Static poly; with double track red line Anti-Static zipper closure

  • Lead time: 7-10 days

Our clear slider zipper bags provide an efficient and reliable means to open and close a bag.  They are easy to use.

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