PVC Shrink Bags

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PVC Shrink Bags
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These pouches are for low volume packaging jobs or many packages of the same size (such as CD's, videos, etc.), shrink bags speed up packaging operations. They are available in different sizes for different products.

How to determine the bag size you need:
Measure the package around its widest point, add 10% to the number, then divide by 2 to determine the width of the bag. For length of the bag measure around the package's tallest point, add 10% to the the number, then divide by 2. If the size you need is not available, a larger size may be used because the PVC shrink bag has a 50% overall shrink ratio.
Shrink bags are easy to use:

  1. Place product in bag.
  2. Cut-off and seal opening of bag with an impulse sealer. Be sure to "pull" on product and bag while cutting so the bag separates easily.
  3. Shrink the bag with a heat gun or with a shrink tunnel.

Special quantity pricing is in effect for all shrink bags on this page. Mix and match any size on this page and you will qualify for the following from your total shrink bag order: 

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