PUB 5.2 mil 2 Oz. Clear Poly Stand Up Pouch No Zipper With Valve

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Part Number: PUB2Z12-VN
Feature: With Valve
Standup Clear Pouch with Zipper and Valve
5.2 mil PET/LLDPE
Size: 2 Oz. (60g) 4 x 6 x 2-3/8 (100mm x 150mm x 60mm)
When looking for a simple and cost-effective packaging solution, poly bags are typically one of the first options that come to mind. Although the barrier quality of these pouches is significantly lower than a foil material, they still provide an air-tight environment. Since many products donÃt require an extended shelf life, poly is being used as a great alternative.  This smaller pouch does not have a zipper. The attached degassing valve will allow gases generated by the product to escape without letting outside air back. They are designed to keep your product fresh while also serving as a pressure relief system. Pouch capacities shown (2 Oz) are approximate and will vary depending on the product you are packing. These poly pouches are a clear material.

1 Size Available:
2 Oz. 1000/case 25 Lbs.

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