PRO-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Machine 16" Seal Bar

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PRO-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Machine 16" Seal Bar
Part Number: PRO-2300

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PRO-2300 Parts

The PRO-2300 is a 16" commercial grade, stainless steel vacuum sealer with a 5mm seal width. The double piston pump delivers 28" Hg of vacuum with 715 watts of power. Each stage of the operation is indicated by LED lights. 2 modes of operation are available. Automatic mode has one-touch operation, the vacuum and sealing are controlled automatically. In the manual mode, the amount of vacuum pressure can be controlled manually. Very easy to operate, and instruction is clearly labeled on the unit. Extra piece of PTFE adhesive is included with the sealer. This unit has a cooling fan but does not have multiple seal heat settings so it does require a "rest" period of about 20 seconds between seals. Unit does not ship with any bags.