OnPak Ultrasonic Clam Shell Welder

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OnPak Ultrasonic Clam Shell Welder
Part Number: ONPAK
  • Easy to use. A beginner can use it like a stapler
  • Good design.  Smart packing
  • Safe product.  No more staples
  • Light to handle.  One can weld quickly without lugging around a heavy unit
  • Sanitary without the anxiety of the rusting from staples
  • No fear of being burned as welding is ultrasonic

Seal – PVC, PSP, OPS, HIPS, PPF, PP, and A-PET
**Please note that the ONPAK CAN seal PVC containers**

OnPak  is an ultrasonic clam shell sealer that seals clamshells quickly and safely using ultrasonic waves.  It is simple and easy to operate.  Just turn on the machine, set the time, and spot weld using the hand set.  No warm up time needed.

Easy to operate.    Just turn on the unit and place the package to be spot welded between the points of interest and depress.  Object will be spot welded via ultrasonic waves.