NZ5000 No Zap Sticky Fly Trap (14" x 49" x 7")

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Part Number: NZ5000
Safe, Silent & Very Effective
No Zapping Sounds
No Burning Smells
No Electrocuting Grid
Uses Nontoxic Glue Pads
All Units Comply with current FDA and USDA Codes & Guidelines for use in food prep and processing areas.

NZ5000 - This unit is designed for large areas where flying insects must be eliminated. Excellent for large kitchen, food prep and processing areas. Can be used in barns and any large area that need superior fly control. This unit has a built-in reflector that doubles light output to attract even more flying insects. Fly control effective for up to 2,500 sq. feet.

Model is 14"H x 49"W x 7"D
Weight: 32lbs