NZ2000 No Zap Sticky Fly Trap Wall Sconce (5" x 23 1/2" x 4 1/2")

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Part Number: NZ2000
Safe, Silent & Very Effective
No Zapping Sounds
No Burning Smells
No Electrocuting Grid
Uses Nontoxic Glue Pads
All Units Comply with current FDA and USDA Codes & Guidelines for use in food prep and processing areas.

NZ2000 - The NZ2000 model is an attractive wall sconce model with a powder coated steel housing. It will trap flying insects efficiently and will be almost unnoticed by your customers. Fast and effective as the entire line of No-Zap Fly Traps! Fly sticky trap effective for up to 1,250 feet.

Model is 5"H x 23 1/2"W x 3 1/2"D
Weight: 7lbs