MVS-285-FB Swing Lid Double Chamber Vacuum Machine with Flat Deck

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MVS-285-FB Double Chamber Vacuum Machine
Part Number: MVS-285-FB
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Minipack's freestanding double chamber swing lid machines are a line of high performance vacuum sealers, specifically developed for high capacity applications in the food retail and food processing industries. All machines support modified atmosphere packaging and are designed with unique features, such as lid-mounted seal bars, excess bag cut-off, and stainless steel construction. Customize for your operations the most productive system of chamber size, length of seal bars, type of seal wires and pump capacity. Minipack's unique waffle-pattern sealing guarantees the strongest seal. All models are equipped with a water resistant digital display featuring user-settable preferences and up to 9 customizable programs. The electronic millibar sensor precisely measures the vacuum level and triggers the chosen sealing and de-evacuation modes. The MVS-285-FB is a floor model double chamber vacuum machine with a swing-lid (lid covers one chamber at a time) and a flat deck. Each lid has two 33" seal bars mounted front and back and a total product height of 10" or 12" optional. You can order the seal bar configured in one of 4 different ways: 1. Standard is one 5mm wide flat seal with cut-off wire; 2. Or with two 3.5mm wide convex seals; 3. Or with one 3.5mm convex seal and a cut-off wire to trim excess bag length; 4. Or with one 8mm flat seal, no cut-off. Minipack chamber machines have a one year limited non-wear item parts warranty. HACCP Portal plans are available for all vacuum machines.
May be special order.