KF-200CS 8" x 15mm Portable Direct Heat Sealer

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KF-200CS 8" x 15mm Portable Direct Heat Sealer
Part Number: KF-200CS
KF-200CS - Our newest addition to the portable heat sealer lines with longer sealing length of 8".  KF-200CS is lightweight and easy to use anywhere.  The portable KF sealers are ideal for sealing small, irregular or extra long packages.  We recommend using this sealer if you are sealing cellophane, coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper and other thicker materials.

Equipped with an adjustable temperature controller allows the user to control the amount of heat needed for different type of materials.  A 5-15 minute warm up time is required to achieve the correct temperature.  The sealer is constructed of durable metal with insulated rubber hand grips.  Also included with each sealer is a stand for setting your sealer while not in use. Please DO NOT touch the jaws of the sealer until it has cooled down.

Easy to operate:  Depending on the material, allow 5-15 minutes of warm up time for the sealer to reach the desired temperature.  Just insert the material between the jaws and close the jaws for a few seconds.  Release the jaw.  Increase or decrease the timing until a satisfactory seal is obtained.