Is the seal bar on your MVS Chamber Vacuum Machine not sealing like it used to? Are you getting burnt pieces of tape or a patchy seal? If so, it may be time to repair your seal bar! In this article, we will show you how to repair your seal bar in just a few simple steps.
  1. Unplug machine, remove seal bar, and remove Teflon tape. Using acetone and a paper towel, clean the seal bar thoroughly to remove the adhesive residue, oil, and other contaminant so that the new Teflon tape will adhere to the surface of the seal bar.

    Teflon 1

  2. Remove the retaining screw and the wires. Leave the metal strips attached at both ends. Add new insulator tape to the bar, covering the top surface completely so that the wires do not make contact with the bar itself. 

    Teflon 2

  3. Cut the seal and cutting wire length, leaving 4 inches over lap at both ends.

    Teflon 3

  4. Pull the new seal and cutting wire under the square anchoring plate while bending the wires upward.

    Teflon 4

  5. Tighten the retaining screw.

    Teflon 5

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 at the other end, pulling the wire tightly to remove any slack.

    Teflon 6

  7. Cut the Teflon tape to length, leaving 4 inches extra at both ends.

    Teflon 7

  8. Peel the Teflon tape and adhere it to the bar.

    Teflon 8Teflon 8-1

  9. Slit the Teflon tape where it makes the bend around the seal bar and fold the Teflon tape toward the seal bar surface.

    Teflon 9Teflon 10