AVS-20 20" Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Machine

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AVS-20 20" Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Machine
Part Number: AVS-20

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AmeriVacs Parts

Our AV-Series line is designed, engineered and manufactured in California with a focus on quality, performance and safety. Quality that is clearly evident in every component: from the housing, to the no-nonsense intuitive controls, to the superior grade electrical and mechanical devices. Performance in both speed of operation and most importantly uncompromised seal integrity. And finally, safe operation. The seal is not performed until the sealer jaws have completely closed.

Every AV-Series vacuum and impulse sealer comes with a toll-free phone number to AmeriVacS engineering technical support team. Our team consists of engineers that design and build our products. The AV-Series vacuum or heat impulse sealer carries a 2-year limited warranty.

From sensitive electronics, to sterile medical devices, food to biotech applications, and aerospace technology to scientific devices, an AmeriVacS sealer is the ideal centerpiece of any high volume packaging program.

Offered in our most popular 20” seal length, the AVS combines the same quality and design integrity exhibited in the AVN without the gas-flush feature. The AVS is the choice sealer for the widest range of clientele, from medical and electronics device manufacturers, to food industry retailers, to pharmaceutical and aerospace corporations.

  • Available Upgrades: BAS- Upper & Lower Heating Elements, Stainless Steel, CE Certification, 220 Volt Conversion, Dual Nozzle w/ dual vac pumps, Low-Pressure Bar Close, Digital Temperature Control, Ported Exhaust. Some upgrades may delay shipment date.

  • Available Accessories: AF-Air Filter, VF-Vacuum Filter, VR- Vacuum Regulator, Multi-Position Stand, Work Tray.