AIE HS 2 Line Mountable Imprinter

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AIE HS 2 Line Mountable Imprinter
Part Number: AIE-661HS
Discount Available 20% off repair kits when purchased with sealer. Repair kits are listed below.

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The AIE-662HS is for mounting on AIE Foot Sealers ONLY. The AIE-661HS is for mounting on AIE Constant Heat Sealers ONLY. With these machines, you can imprint up to two lines automatically at the same time as your bag is being sealed. Both imprinters will print one or two lines of up to 14 numbers/letters and comes with 3 each of numbers 0-9 and 2 each "Exp", "Lot" & "Date". We strongly recommend you add the AIE-INSIMP mounting option to have the imprinter factory installed on the sealer. Works great for a one-step seal and mark operation for all types of products that need to have code, date or number to identity the product with a permanent mark. Printing tape and type is included. Uses the 30mm ribbons.

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