AIE-310FIT 12" Adjustable Angle Impulse Sealer (10mm Seal Width)

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Part Number: AIE-310FIT
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The adjustable angle foot impulse sealers are available in 2mm, 5mm or 10mm wide seal. They come standard with an adjustable head angle. This allows the user to bring the sealing jaws closer to the product by tilting the head down. It minimizes the need to constantly lift the product to the sealing jaws, reducing production time and user fatigue. Included are an extended foot pedal and the large heavy duty work table. This work table is adjustable and can support up to 45 pounds with ease. The head angle is adjustable up to a 45-degree downward tilt. These sealers are ideal for sealing packages that may contain loose items like powders, grains, liquids, etc.