5.4 mil Foil Quad Seal Gusseted Pouch No Valve No Zipper

$217.40 - $277.20 per case
5 Sizes Available
5.4 mil Foil Quad Seal Gusseted Pouch No Valve No Zipper
Part Number: FGQS-GUSS-NN
Feature: No Valve

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Foil Quad-Seal Gusseted Pouch NO Valve
5.4 - 5.7 mil Depending on Size
With its four-side seal design, this side gusseted bag is given an even greater reinforcement to hold your heavier products. This innovative sealing style also allows the bag to hold its shape better on the shelf. With the seals on all four corners of the bags, the front and back panels remain smooth for label application. The aluminum foil used on the 6-10 oz. to 10 lb. bags provides one of the best barriers available in the flexible packaging industry. It provides an excellent oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier for all products. Since its barrier qualities are so exceptional, it is being used in countless packaging applications. If you need to allow gases generated by the product to escape without letting outside air back in, take a look at our gussetted pouches with a degassing valve. They are designed to keep your product fresh while also serving as a pressure relief system. Pouch capacities shown (6-10 Oz, 10 Lb., etc.) are approximate and will vary depending on the product you are packing. These foil pouches are a solid color. Available in gold, silver and black. All colors not available in all sizes. Most gusseted pouches DO NOT have a re-closable zipper.

3 Sizes Available:
6-10 Oz.
5.4mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 1000/case 25 Lbs.
12-16 Oz.
5.4mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 1000/case 37 Lbs.
10 Lb.
5.7mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 300/case 51 Lbs.

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