5 - 6.2 mil Foil Gusseted Pouch WITH Valve No Zipper

$146.80 - $255.50 per case
5 Sizes Available
Part Number: FG-GUSS-VN

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Foil Gusseted Pouch WITH Valve
5 - 6.2 mil Depending on Size
Due to the high barrier qualities of foil, it is being used in countless packaging applications including our foil gusseted bags. Our stock bag sizes range from 2oz. to 5lb. and they are available in multiple colors. The side-seal style on the 4oz., 6-10oz., and 12-16oz. allows labels to be applied smoothly since the label does not have to cover the seal. The concealed seal on the 5lb. bags creates extra durability to prevent bag bursting.These pouches have a de-gassing valve to allow gases generated by the product to escape without letting outside air back in. They are designed to keep your product fresh while also serving as a pressure relief system. Pouch capacities shown (2 Oz, 6-10 Oz., etc.) are approximate and will vary depending on the product you are packing. These foil pouches are a solid color. Available in gold, silver, black, white, red, green, blue,copper,purple, champagne, matte black matte white, kraft paper  and white kraft paper. All colors not available in all sizes. Most gusseted pouches DO NOT have a re-closable zipper.

5 Sizes Available:
2 Oz. 5mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 1000/case 13 Lbs.
6-10 Oz.
5.4mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 1000/case 29 Lbs.
12-16 Oz.
5.4mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 500/case 21 Lbs. (Kraft is 6.2mil KRAFT/FOIL/LLDPE)
2 Lb.
5.4mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 500/case 30 Lbs. (Kraft is 6.5mil KRAFT/FOIL/LLDPE)
5 Lb.
5.4mil PET/FOIL/LLDPE 3600/case 31 Lbs. (Kraft is 6.5mil KRAFT/FOIL/LLDPE)

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